Saturday, March 11, 2006

Activist, Out of Control, Would-be Judge & The Adult Abuse Protection Order’s Reign of Terror

Saturday, March 11, 2006

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Re:  Activist, Out of Control, Would-be Judge &
        The Adult Abuse Protection Order’s Reign of Terror           

Dear People,
On a Thursday in November 2003 I stood Proud, Innocent and Unafraid in front of what I believed to be an unbiased court of Law.  But although it looked like a court of law and it had all the trappings of an unbiased judicial authority it was not.  Division 65 is over seen to by the vain corrupt and would be all powerful Commissioner Philip E. Jones.  Due process, proof for uncorroborated self serving surprise allegations and the rule of Law be Dammed.  The vain corrupt power of Commissioner Jones cannot allow free proud innocent unafraid men to stand.  Again Due Process and the rights of the individual in Commissioner Jones’s court be Dammed.  Power such as Commissioner Jones’s must at whim assert it self to sustain its evil reign of terror.  For the last twenty nine months I have withstood the illegal and criminally corrupt rulings of Commissioner Jones.  Twenty-nine months ago Commissioner Jones stripped me of my right to paternity, my right to liberty, my right to property, I was thrown in the street with virtually nothing. The ruling was unabashedly biased because of the complete denial of Due Process.  This denial of Due Process was over the timely objection at trial and several subsequent post trial motions by a member of the Missouri Bar in good standing.  All objections, all motions were over ruled by a corrupt, biased, activist, out of control, would-be Commissioner and his judicial cronies.
I have sent you several letters over the past months and as you may or may not know, I have been victimized by a “politically correct” activist, out of control, would-be Judge.  I say “would be” because he is a Commissioner not a real Judge although his judicial cronies will not reel him in.  I say politically correct because his rulings are based on the winds of political fashion and his own vain need for power rather than the Law.  And I say activist because he and his judicial cronies seek to overlook judicial guide lines, legal precedent and the Law to support his arbitrary biased baseless rulings. 
Again I say would be, he is a Commissioner not a judge.  The commissioner in question is Commissioner Philip E. Jones, Sr. of Division 65 in the St. Louis County Civil Court.  He is supposed to have a direct supervisor and or judge signing and over seeing his rulings. 
Again I say out of control, his cronies Joseph A. Goeke his immediate superior, Presiding Judge Barbra Wallace, Administrative Judge Tom W. DePriest and Dennis N. Smith have all refused to step in and replace him, regardless of how in competent and corrupt his rulings are.  They are thus complicit in his corruption.
He aspires to political correctness.  I say politically correct because his rulings are based on the winds of political fashion and his vain need for power rather than the Law.  His biased rulings from day one were based on the presumption of guilt based and on the current “politically correct” assertion that “Woman are abused.”  There was no evidence of abuse, there was no prior charge of abuse there is just his ruling based on his vain need for power.  And because he is referred to as the Honorable Philip E. Jones his ruling stands in the face of the complete lack of supporting evidence.  I by no means want to assert that he is Honorable, because he is not, he hides behind a black robe of judicial authority and abuses the trust afford his office and those worthy judges that have come before and will someday replace him.
Again, I say activist because he has over ruled the law, judicial guide lines and legal precedent with his vain corrupt power mongering and incompetent arbitrary rulings. Normally I am a defender of judicial activism if it supports personal freedom in the face of political and legislative pressure.  But when judicial activism takes on the form of a vain corrupt power mongering and an incompetent personal agenda it is not only WRONG, it is criminal!  It is currently “politically correct” to say that woman are abuse, we all need to feel sorry for woman they are abuse, that is the current “politically correct” axiom.  And unfortunately it is all too often true in a large number of cases.  But by the same token it is not true in ALL cases.  And when a judicial ruling is based on a “politically correct” axiom in place of due process, the rule of law and the evidence, all of us loose our rights to personal freedom.  All of us have to live in fear of the judicial ruling subject to whim of politically correct fashion and again not supported by Law or evidence.       
On April 18, 2006 at 8:00AM in Division 65 of the St. Louis County Court there will be a hearing on the above referenced issue, I will again stand Proud, Innocent and Unafraid.  I stress that again, I will stand Proud Innocent and Unafraid.  Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  I refuse my consent; I am and will be Proud Innocent and Unafraid.  I will stand stripped virtually naked of everything I once had, I will stand PROUD, INNOCENT AND UNAFRAID.  I would like to invite you to attend, to witness the corruption of the justice system at the hands of the vain corrupt power of the politically correct, fashion conscious activists, in form of Commissioner Philip E. Jones, Sr. and his cronies.   

Time is of the essence, if there is anything further I can do for you in this regard, please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

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David G. Jeep

cc:  Presiding Judge Barbara W. Wallace via fax 314-615-8280
The State of Missouri Court of Appeals, ED84021 & ED85754, (fax 314-539-4324)
Supreme Court of Missouri, (fax 573-751-7514)
James Robinson, Attorney for the Petitioner (fax (636) 530-6805)
David Shaller, GAL (fax (314) 725-2807)
Philip E. Jones, Division 65 (fax (314) 615-7868)
Cynthia Kluzak, St. Louis Family Court (fax (314) 615-7264)
Tom W. DePriest, Jr., Circuit Judge, Adm. Judge (fax (314) 615-4519)