Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dyslexia and ADD, HD are Assets Not Disabilities!

I recently read the Op-Ed Columnist, "Honor Code" By DAVID BROOKS, New York Times Published: July 5, 2012.
We have for too long been chemically lobotomizing our children.  I would ask you to read my full paper on the issue of  Dyslexia and ADD, HD are Assets Not Disabilities at .
It is a very sad state of affairs, I am afraid to think what would have happened to Einstein or Edison had they presented themselves in today's school system.  The chemical lobotomy they would have been asked to endure would have unquestionably effected their development. 
Bouncing off walls, if only intellectually,  in our youth is sometimes the best and the only way to learn what life has to teach. 

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