Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Missouri Attorney General's Office - Report of a Crime - Cause No. CR203-1336M - SD26269 3/7/07

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

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Re:  Report of a Crime
        Cause No. CR203-1336M - SD26269
Dear People,

My attorney and now the Missouri State Highway Patrol tells me you are the ones that have the responsibility to investigate this type of crime.  There is very little investigation required.  You will need only verify the documentation, I am enclosing.  Please consider this to be a sworn complaint based on the following.
I want to report a crime.  For law enforcement professionals such as yourself this is an unsavory one.  The perpetrators involved in the crime are law enforcement “professionals” and Officer’s of the court.  The crimes False Arrest, Malicious Prosecution, Perjury, Suborning Perjury, Criminal Conspiracy and Professional Malfeasants.  The state’s prosecutors and their witnesses have fabricated evidence out of false testimony and disgraced their office and their uniforms by breaking the law.
If Law Enforcement officers are allowed to fabricate false evidence and present it as fact on the stand under oath in uniform on the stand with imunity from prosecution, none of us is safe n our beds
I was arrested on 5/17/03 for an alleged DWI. 
During the criminal trial for this issue, the state’s prosecuting attorney and arresting officers, conspired to commit perjury, the subornation of perjury, false arrest, malicious prosecution and the cover up of those via criminal conspiracy and professional malfeasants on the stand under oath.  Officers of the court are professionally responsible for performing their duties within ethical and professional standard.  The ethical issues will be shown to be obvious.  The professional standards in this issue are defined by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
For basic police procedures, the State of Missouri has adopted via the Highway Patrol, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s testing procedures for establishing blood alcohol levels in regard to the state’s DWI laws.  Theses standards are adopted by all the states.  They are administered and taught by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Missouri State Department of Health.
What makes this all a crime; I revealed my case in advance of the trial attempting to settle the issue.  I made a motion in open court via a PA system, to dismiss the case because the Field Sobriety Test had been administered incorrectly, see copy dated 9/30/03.  It was heard and denied by the Judge on 11/12/503, no issue.  The Judge thought it an issue for the jury.  The issues arises because the prosecuting attorneys Mr. Devin M. Ledom, Asst. Prosecuting Attorney and Mr. W. James Icenogle, Prosecuting Attorney had had it in writing for 2 months and they had invited the arresting officers, Mr. Alex Little, Officer Badge #920 and Mr. Tim Taylor Officer Badge #913, to attend during this pretrial hearing regarding my motions.  Their attendance can be verified by numerous court officers but I am sure they got paid for it also, probably in the form of overtime.  At a minimum there should be time ticket references on their payroll, but in addition they should have a police log via there dispatcher they would have had to put themselves out of service, 10-7 or 10-17.  Regardless, they had knowledge of the issues; they could have and should have researched the issues, to avoid wasting everybody’s time in a trial.  That would have been a valid result.
But that is not what they did.  They conspired to put forth false testimony.  When I was arrested, I was wearing “cowboy” boots, see the Arrest report dated 5/17/03 and signed by myself and the arresting officer Mr. Alex Little, Officer Badge #920.  See also the enclosed copy of the NHSTA standards for the “Walk-and- Turn Test” and the “One-Leg Stand Test” pages VII-9 through VII-14.  In the HHTSA standards, it specifically states that the “Individuals wearing heels more than 2 inches high should be given the opportunity to remove their shoes.” 
As a case for conspiracy, perjury and the subornation of perjury see the enclosed copy of Mr. Alex Little, Officer Badge #920 sworn testimony.  His sworn testimony specifically contradicts the NHTSA standard.  He asserts that the trigger for shoe removal is a four-inch heel.  He new of the issue prior, he was prepared to provide false testimony under oath at TRIAL contradicting the applicable NHSTA Standard.  That was perjury.  He was not acting alone or without oversight, he thus had co-conspirators.
Secondly the refusal / non-refusal of the breathalyzer test per the certified copy of the arrest report by Mr. Tim Taylor Officer Badge #913, see enclosed copy certified by Officer Matt Schwin badge #915 dated 5/18/03, I blew for approximately 15 seconds.  At trial after Mr. Tim Taylor Officer Badge #913 contradicted, his prior certified statement of the facts and perjured himself by denying that I had blown for 15 seconds continuously.  That was perjury.  He was not acting alone or without oversight, he thus had co-conspirators.
Furthermore I had Christine Lynn Silva of the Missouri Department of Health testify that the 15 20 second requirement for a credible blow on a standard breathalyzer test was outside of her experience.
This conspiracy in my opinion was motivated by zealous vanity and my legal assertion to the Commission on Retirement, Removal and Discipline of Judges that Mr. Jack A. Bennett, Associate Circuit Judge was incompetent.  The co-conspirator and their actions resulted in a “False Arrest, Malicious Prosecution, Subornation of Perjury and Perjury.  I have included copies of all the documents referenced. 
I am a man of limited means; I was just subsequent to this arrest forced into a very crippling divorce.  I did not have at the time money and or access to equity to pay for either professional defense nor acquire a perfected appeal.  This is a criminal issue.  The co-conspirators, as officers of the court with their criminal actions are much more abhorrent and I want them prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
Time is of the essence, if there is anything further, I can do for you in this regard, please let me know.
Thank you in advance.

David G. Jeep

David G. Jeep

            Copy of Arrest Report dated 5/17/03
            Copy of the Legal Motions dated 9/30/03
Copy of the court setting the date of 11/25/03 as the date for the hearing regarding pending motions.
Copy of Pages VII9 – VII14 of the NHSTA Standard
Copy of Pages 84-85 of Mr. Little’s testimony from the certified Trial Transcript
Copy of the Certified Arrest report dated 5-18-03
Copy of Pages 118-121 of Mr. Taylor’s testimony from the certified Trial Transcript

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