Saturday, May 12, 2007

The unarmed truth, I am beggingm Jeep v Jeep 03FC-10670M & 03FC-12243

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Gary  Krautmann
St. Louis County Circuit Court, Clerk's Office
Court Clerk's Office
7900 Carondelet 
Clayton MO    63105

Re:  Jeep v Jeep 03FC-10670M & 03FC-12243
        The unarmed truth, I am begging

Dear Mr. Krautmann,
I am begging for your help.  Commissioner’s discretion got me into this, he acted without an evidentiary imperative, and judicial discretion can get US out. 
I do not want to have to sue you and impugn your personal reputations and integrity.  I am just asking you for a father and son’s right.  But be assured, I will fight to the death for my son and my life. 
DO THE RIGHT THING.  If you allow this kind of creative thinking in regard to judicial rulings, next time it could be you, your son, your brother, your neighbor, your best friend.  Judges have to be restrained by the evidence.  They cannot be allowed to create evidence out of a figment of their imagination.  All of us have to be diligent to impeach those judges that would act in a judicial capacity whimsically without an evidentiary imperative. 
.  Next time this could easily be you or your son.  Please, I say again please, let my son go and enforce the law.  Criminal law takes precedence over a civil ruling; this is a slam-dunk.  My ex-wife and the would be judge, commissioner jones, both made fraudulent assertions under oath and as a delusional decree. 
My wife and commissioner jones inserted their foundationless allegations to steal from my son and I, our god given rights to be “Father and Son.  Would be judges who rule on an active imagination are antithetical to the rule of law.  My ex-wife although fraudulently asking for an order of protection, never testified to any abuse or any threat of abuse.  And point in fact since that time she has refuted her original assertion several times in open court under oath in front of the tyrannical usurper. The would be , judge commissioner jones.  But the commissioner would not let go of the figment of his imagination and rewarded my ex-wife with everything. 
Do not even think about WAINWRIGHT v. SYKES, 433 U.S. 72 (1977).  I never hid or tried to obscure my innocents.  I have from the inception openly, some would say too openly, asserted my innocents.  There has never been any guile or hidden agenda in my defense.  I want what is mine.  This is judicial misconduct and fraud.  WAINWRIGHT was never intended to be used for a cover-up of judicial misconduct and fraud.  Judicial activism should be used to abate judicial misconduct and fraud at every opportunity possible.  That is where Judicial Activism is universally respected.
Fraud unravels it all (fraus omnia corrumpit).  There is a strong legal principle adopted internationally that a party who obtained an award through fraud should not be entitled to keep that award.  Fraud cannot be allowed to pay. 
If you think, I am a little crazy a little too….  I beg your indulgence.  Please just picture yourself watching Monday Night Football happily with your son.  The police come in and forcibly escort you from your home.  You have never threatened, hit or even called anyone, a name, in anger.  You are adjudicated an abuser and you are never allowed in your home again.  You do not get to even see your son for 90 days.  You have no realistic option.  Yes I could have appealed, that would have cost at least $10,000, I had $0.00.  I tried to appeal on my own, anyone that has ever tried to perfect an appeal knows that it is a nearly impossible task unless the appeals courts wants the issue. 
I had been working out of the house for 2 years, it cost me $4,000 to defend myself through the abuse hearing and to get-my car.  I had no furnishings; I literally did not even have a pot to piss in.  I had some casual winter clothes.  I lost my livelihood with my home.  I was and am a man of modest means.  I had a home and a retirement plan both were ripped from my control by an unfounded, unwarranted, corrupt judicial decree.  My ex-wife had always controlled our savings.  And even though I was my own lawyer for much of the time because I had no money, I have to date spent in excess of $30,000 on lawyers.  To add indignity on top of indignity I was forced to pay my wife’s attorney’s fees, because I was deemed the abuser and I was “at fault.” 
Psychologically I am sure there is a clinic name for it.  I never had a psychology course.  Call it clinical depression, delayed stress, overwhelming stress.  I do not have a clue.  I know have had thoughts of suicide and genocide.  I have empathy for the disenfranchised crazies out there.  But I am not a violent man, and I would never seriously consider either option. 
Again I am not threatening violence, I just want to plug the dike so this never happens again.
I did nothing wrong.  I am asking for my rights as a father, my rights as a person, I want my son, my home and what little property will be left after the courts get finished stealing form us with the bureaucratic nightmare of legal fees. 
Time is of the essence.  If there is anything further, I can do for you in this regard, please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

David G. Jeep

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            Gary Krautmann, Legal Counsel to the Circuit Clerk
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