Friday, April 7, 2017

Any Russian RESPONSE to Trump’s bombing in Syria has to be taken with a grain of “salt” until all the Trump BACK CHANNELS have been exposed and contained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any Russian/Trump RESPONSE to any Russian/Trump action has to be taken with a grain of “salt” until all the Trump BACK CHANNELS have been exposed and contained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Trump / Putin / Tillerson (ExxonMobil) conspiracy wants to EXPLOIT the natural resources of Siberia (5,058,000 sq mi).

Now, I want you to think of Alaska (663,268 sq mi).  Alaskan oil has produced at least $200,000,000.  Siberia has 1/10 the population density of Alaska and Sibera is nearly 8 times larger.  Tillerson, ExxonMobil, have what, "Russian officials have called a $500 billion in Balck Sea / Siberian Oil deal" it could easily be triple that -  $1,600,000,000. 

The Oil reserves in Black Sea / Siberia need to be exploited NOW, before the world accepts the inevitability of "climate change's" devastation. Putin / Tillerson / Trump need to get at the $500 billion in Black Sea / Siberian Oil before the world develops sustainable alternative energy and is able to get by without Russia's $500 billion in Black Sea / Siberian Oil.

Trump / Putin / Tillerson need to get Russia's $500 billion in Black Sea / Siberian Oil to market NOW. 

Trump / Putin / Tillerson are using "active measures" (i.e., misinformation - propaganda as described by Clint Watts), and BACK CHANNELS reciprocally with Putin / Tillerson / Russia to impede sustainable alternative energy that is the only hope for the planet.

Now if you believe that Trump is such a brilliant business man that he goes bankrupt 6 times, loses some $8,288,000,000 to get a $916,000,000 tax deduction and can still get a loan for a USED CAR on the open market - you are being lied to. 

Trump is getting loans every day from Deutsche Bank.  Deutsche Bank paid fines of $10,330,000,000 between 2015- January 2017.  One of those fines - Deutsche Bank was fined for $10 billion Russian money-laundering scheme.  Deutsche Bank has total assets of $63,699,000,000 (€60 billion (2016)) in the last two years they were FINED / LOST 16% of their equity.

A bank cannot survive those kind of losses!!!  It is reasonable to believe that they are getting infusion of FUNDS from somewhere.  You think went to Trump for cash?  No trump went to them.  I think they went to the RUSSIANS Oligarchs to get some cash!!!  The Russian Oligarchs have nothing but CASH!!  The Russian Oligarchs need to launder their cash!!!!! 

And until the FBI clears Trump of any and ALL RUSSIAN COLLUSION I have to distrust anything and everything Trump SAYS!!!!!!

 Do not kid yourself, Putin does not care about Bashar al-Assad or Syria.  Putin cares about his warm water port.

Putin/Moscow uses Tartus in return for selling advanced weapons to Syria, thus turning the quiet fishing port into a logistical facility for materiel and technical maintenance of smaller ships in Russia's Black Sea fleet.

US officials say 59 missiles were fired from the USS Porter and USS Ross warships which were positioned in the Mediterranean Sea.

This would have cost the American taxpayer at least $49,088,000

The Coming Incompetence Crisis
By David Brooks APRIL 7, 2017

Syria war: Russia condemns US missile strike on 'chemical weapons' base - BBC
Russia has reacted angrily after the US launched a missile strike on a Syrian government air base.


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