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US Marshal, Re: Your worst Fears, am I your worst fear? revised and extended 3/4/09

Wednesday March 4, 2009

Robert O'Connor
Criminal Investigator US Marshal
U. S. Department of Justice
111 South 10th Street, Suite 2-319
St. Louis, MO 63102

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Re: Your worst Fears, am I your worst fear? revised and extended 3/4/09

Dear Mr. O’Connor,

I just wanted to thank you and your associates Lyonel Mrythill (FBI), Chris Boyce (U.S. Marshal) and Dan Bracco (FBI) for the enlightening 3 hour sessions this morning March 3, 2009 at the St. Louis FBI office. I found it very illuminating to say the least, that in a room along with four federal law enforcement officers, I am the only one that sees perjury[1] as to the established police procedures in a court of law under oath by a law enforcement official and the order and enforcement of a unashamedly deficient warrant as violations of the “rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws[2]”. That I guess is the state of our Justice system.

Again thank you for that!

As I was leaving Chris mentioned something that I thought very telling also. He referenced Charles “Cookie” Thornton (sp?). As you know Mr. Thornton (sp) was the mass murder involved in the Kirkwood City Hall shooting spree last year. As I stated I had known “Cookie.” He asked “I am that guy?” I said “No.” I did mention that I knew him. We had worked together 30 years ago. It amazed me when I heard the news, he just did not seem the type.

As further explanation, I submit that Cookie and I had worked together for probably nearly a year as dishwashers in the restaurant at the old Holiday Inn at Watson and Lindbergh just south of Meacham Park, I am going to guess late 70s, 78-79. I worked with both Cookie and his brother that went by the nickname “Saphire”. Saphire as I stated was unlike Cookie. Sapphire at the time, 30 years ago, impressed me as the would-be gangster. Cookie was always the hard worker. I worked closely with both of them at separate times. Cookie was always there, Saphire would disappear for hours at time and return yawning as if he had been knapping. Saphire was always regaling me, a middle class white kid, with his nefarious stories of his exploits at Kirkwood high school and in his home turf Meacham Park. As a co-worker he left a lot to be desired. Cookie on the other hand was always there holding up his end, polite, thoughtful, courteous.

It surprised me when I heard that Cookie had been the one that had killed all those people. But as I read, unlike some people, I read for a reason to understand why a friend had done something so bad.

Cookie was born and raised in Meacham Park, the depressed segregated Kirkwood Black Ghetto of the 50s 60s and 70s. It was his home. And he had started a business there and had prospered. That was until he had issues that developed with the City Hall in Kirkwood. Kirkwood within the last 10 years has redeveloped their home turf, Meacham Park. The Meacham Park that I remembered from my youth is not like it is today. In the 70s when both Cookie and I were coming of age Meacham Park was a very different place. There were no through streets, just dead ends, and no white man would go in there for any other reason than necessity. I can assure you there were never any parking tickets issued. But it was home to Cookie and Saphire; they felt safe there.

Now since I had known Cookie there had been a lot of water under the bridge. And we never had any direct dealings after high school. But I read where Cookie had had issues with parking tickets in Meacham Park and I am guessing zoning issues in the recently redeveloped residential and commercial area once his home, his turf, his safe zone. I had to smile when I heard about parking tickets. In the Meacham Park I knew, nobody EVER wrote any parking tickets. The police only went in there when absolutely necessary.

But I now know it was and has been redeveloped into a Wal-Mart, a Sam’s, a Lowells and a gentrified residential neighborhood. An ex girlfriend of mine had moved in there and asked me for the back-story on Meacham Park. I gave the short and sweet version as referenced here.

Now I have had dealings with all too many Zoning commissions myself in my professional career in construction. Zoning has a lot of uses and it is over used, for all the wrong reasons, by too many people. Now I have to admit, that I have been on the helpful receiving end of that miss use as often as on the losing end, I can’t really personally complain.

I can only guess what happened to Cookie. First his ground was either not essential or they worked around it during the redevelopment/buy out. Maybe he was a holdout for a bigger payoff, I could not spite him that chance. For whatever reason, he was still there as what should have been viewed as a Grandfathered-In Minority Owned Business. And the forces that now ruled, ZONING, were trying to force his business out by ticketing his construction vehicles as parked on the street as they had always been for the several years past, grandfathered-in. This got to be extreme, thousands of dollars, my understanding. No business can survive with that kind of impediment. HE did not know how to fight a zoning war, they just did not teach that on the streets of the former Meacham Park when he was growing up. He fought as best he could until he snapped; he went berserk. Did he see it coming? Would anyone in his position see it coming? I bet the best psychiatrist on the planet could have missed it had he been up close and personal on a daily basis. His family missed it, I saw his mother on TV crying; I worked with her also.

I feel guilty as a former acquaintance, that I was not there to help with the zoning issues, I would have helped if I had only known. There is the old adage “never send to know for whom the bell tolls it tolls for thee." I realize, I have no responsibility, I had no direct knowledge, but I feel guilty, I could have helped.

Now if Cookie had had a good Zoning Attorney to work with, if he had better access to true justice, the whole thing could have been avoided. Everybody could have made money on the deal. It definitely should have been handled differently. And I bet there is no one in this world or the next that wishes it had been handled differently, more than Cookie.

“If you want Peace, work for Justice[3]”.

There is no excuse for what Cookie did. There is never any excuse for violence. That being said we are all animals, trying to live within limits of our own undefined animal based flawed humanity. Nobody knows exactly where those limits are. And nobody not even the federal government has the right to go out profiling for presumed at risk people.

What the Zoning Commissions can and SHOULD do is be a little more sensitive to those pre-existing grandfathered-in minority owned businesses falling victim to rezoning or eminent domain issues.

What the Federal Government needs to do is “establish Justice ” enforce the “rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws[4]” and work for the truth by eliminating law enforcement officers such as yourself and others that look the other way to the testilying / Perjury on the Stand Under Oath of their fellow officers. And stand up for every citizen’s right to feel safe in his own home free from the harassment of a deficient warrant without probably cause, i.e. Judicial Tyranny and Terrorism.

Am I your worst fear? Am I like Cookie Thornton, am I going to go off berserk and kill people. I truly hope not, but as I have repeated over and over again no one can tell the future. Just knowing you for the little time that I have known you, as gun totting federal agent, I would have laid money on you going berserk before Cookie, but what do I know?? I would definitely put Dan Bracco (FBI) ahead of all three of us on the list.

To be honest, a killing spree or a terrorist act, those are the least of your worries. Your worst fear is not even illegal in a lot of countries; in fact any law against it is symbolic because it is unenforceable.

I am the victim of SEVERAL crimes. Perjury is a CRIME. I can prove the police had prior knowledge of the issue as an issue. I asked the prosecuting attorney in the presence of the officer to dismiss based on the issue. I further asked but was not provided the exculpable material; I now have in my possession, that proves the credibility of my assertion of the officers incompetence to perform the test. I can prove that they should have known the correct procedures based on their attendance at required certified instruction on the issues.

The Bill of Rights was and is a document limiting police / government action into our private lives of “We the People”. Clearly one of the most important rights is the 4th, where “We the People” assert “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated[5]” we have the right to feel safe in or homes free from unlawful deficient warrants/oders. Clearly “We the People” assert for ourselves the right to require the specifics of an “infamous charge[6]” prior to any required court appearance. Clearly when “We the People” reserved for ourselves the right to “to have (a) compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in (our)his favor[7]” we meant to assure the right to a compulsory process to have witnesses tell the truth.

As a person living under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights I have a right to speak out and protest/fight unreasonable zoning demands, I have the right to REQUIRE probable cause on any warrant that orders me from my home, I have the right to the specifics for any infamous charge I am ask to answer for in advance of any court appearance and I have the right to a compulsory process to have witnesses tell the truth on my behalf.

All I have ever asked for is a reasonable 8th grade interpretation of the “rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws[8]”. I refuse to believe that is beyond my reach.

If there is anything further I can do for you in this regard, please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

David G. Jeep

cc: file

[1]Perjury and incompetence are both crimes I do not care what you call it. Briscoe v. LaHue, 460 U.S. 325 (1983), States that a police office is not liable for damages as a result of perjury as to the facts. But specifically in this case, the police were testifying to their professional knowledge of the their procedures for enforcing the law and thus were acting “under color of law”. I would really like to debate this, but if they did not Perjure themselves, they are GROSSLY Negligent having been informed of the issue prior, gross negligence is easier to prove in a Civil Rights Action
[2] Title 18 § 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law and Title 42 § 1983. Civil action for deprivation of rights.
[3] Henry Louis Mencken quotes (American humorous Journalist and Critic of American life who influenced US fiction through the 1920s, 1880-1956)
[4] Title 18 § 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law and Title 42 § 1983. Civil action for deprivation of rights.
[5] The IV Amendment to the US Constitution
[6] The V Amendment to the US Constitution
[7] The V Amendment to the US Constitution
[8] Title 18 § 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law and Title 42 § 1983. Civil action for deprivation of rights.

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