Monday, January 30, 2006

Dennis N. Smith Re: A Dissenting Opinion Case No.: 03FC-12243, 03FC-10670M & ED85754

Sunday January 30, 2006

Honorable Dennis N. Smith Associate Circuit Judge
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Re: A Dissenting Opinion Case No.: 03FC-12243, 03FC-10670M & ED85754

Dear Sir,

Sir, and use the term only because of respect for what your office should represent. I know because I speak English and you only acknowledge the jargon of legalese that you will of course ignore this, nonetheless, I will give you fair warning.

I realize that Due Process for a Man in St. Louis County Divorce is a luxury only a lucky few get to enjoy. I say that because there are Judges, such as you, that cover up for the criminal bias of their partners in crime. You made a comment in court the other day during my hearing with full knowledge of the denial of due process, I paraphrase not having the court transcript at hand, “If I allowed this then anyone that disputes their “judgment” could claim corruption to attempt to over turn an unfavorable ruling.” To that I say so be it, “Due Process” should prevail at all cost. We let known criminals walk because evidence was obtained outside the bounds of “Due Process”. I say any Judgment be it Civil or Criminal based on a denial of “Due Process” should be overturned.

If my experience is so common then again I say, “So be it, overturn them all.” If Judges are routinely able to circumvent “Due Process” with biased bureaucratically uncontestable rulings in support of fraudulent claims, then I say so be it. “Due Process” is fundamental to our system of justice. I know for a fact that the Adult Abuse Protection Orders have and continue to be used to terrify and unduly penalize men going through a divorce. And you must agree if this type of thing is as prevalent as you see it to be, “anyone,” then the entire corrupted establishment of the St. Louis County Circuit Court needs to be brought down. The rule of law in this country under this constitution stands on a foundation of “Due Process.” If “Due Process” is not integral to the application of the law, then the whole system is biased and corrupt. And yes the whole system needs to come down.

I am in construction sir; I build for a living. If I were to knowingly allow a corrupted foundation to be built. If I had knowledge that there was bad soil or bad concrete in place; everything I put in on top of it would be suspect by the corrupt foundation. And when the building fell down as the result of the corrupted foundation, I would personably be held criminally liable for any losses resulting from the corruption.

And thus I will hold you and all other parties that have responsibility for overseeing “Due Process” in this regard criminally liable. The idea that you are exempt from responsibility because you enforce the law is morally bankrupt. No man is above the law, no man can be allowed to act irresponsibly without regard to the rights of others. We live in a society sir and we ALL have to abide by its rules.

In this democratic society there is no such thing as a “divine right” all men are equal all men are thus limited by the equal rights we grant ourselves and others. No man or woman has more human or civil or constitutional rights than any other. We have fought numerous wars and have invested untold number of lives to maintain this Freedom this equality. I do not see where St. Louis County is exempted from this?

You and your fellow judges have corrupted my good name, and I will with my last dying breath be working to peaceably over throw you and your breed of corrupt government official. I will not willing allow my son to be told I abused his mother, I will not allow my father’s name to sullied by undisputed fraudulent lies. And I will in the end prevail, because the truth is infinitely more powerful than any lie, good will always prevail over evil in the end.

Time is of the essences.

David G. Jeep

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