Friday, October 20, 2006

CATHERINE L. HANAWAY, United States Attorney

Friday, October 20, 2006

United States Attorney
Thomas Eagleton U.S. Courthouse
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St. Louis, MO 63102

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Re: David G. Jeep v State of Missouri, Case # CR203-1336M
Jeep v Jeep Case No.: 03FC-10670M, ED84021, 03FC-12243, & ED85754

Dear People,

I am seeking my constitutional rights to due process and a fair trial in the two above referenced issues. In the first Jeep v State of Missouri, the State of Missouri testified to false evidence, fabricated false evidence and offered them as proof of their incompetently asserted and unsupportable claim. They put forward false testimony and a corrupted piece of mechanical evidence to make their case and thus convict me.

The second issue Jeep v Jeep is a divorce action where The Judge denied my paternity, my property, my privacy and my liberty without affording me access to due process.

Both of these issues are crimes against my rights as a citizen of the United States and I would like you to prosecute them as such. Time is of the essence, if there is anything further, I can do for you in this regard and please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

David G. Jeep

David G. Jeep

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