Sunday, February 26, 2006

03FC-10670M, ED84021 & 03FC-12243, ED85754 April 18, 2006, Settlement offer

Sunday, February 26, 2006

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Re: 03FC-10670M, ED84021 & 03FC-12243, ED85754
April 18, 2006, Settlement offer

Dear Mr. Robinson,
I was told I should attempt to settle this in advance of giving the corrupt Railroad Conductor, Commissioner Philip E. Jones, a chance to again cover up his corrupt, illegal actions. But I am not afraid of him; I can prove him to be wholly incompetent if not criminally corrupt. His career potential will be at an end either way.
Nonetheless, because I am a nice guy, I will make you an offer. I am going to make you the same offer I offered you 24 month ago (Letter dated 12-27-05). I am going to offer you and your client a settlement. She walks away from the house, without trashing it of course. I get it free and clear. I will not owe anything on the house. This will not even come close to paying me pack for the lost time with my son, but it will help pay the expenses. She pays me back for the child support she forced me to pay because of her lies. She pays me back via a child support agreement enforceable as a garnishment on her wages.
I get full-unfettered custody of Patrick; she relinquishes all rights to oversight for his medical treatment and or education. She is allowed weekend visits and Wednesday nights only for at least 2 years. After 2 years if Patrick and the new GAL decide to change it I will not object to anything up to a 50/50 shared physical custody agreement.
This may seem extreme to the uninformed eye, but the unarmed truth has the real power. But let me inform you of what will happen if your client does not accept it. I will spend every cent I have, every minute of everyday I am a live until I the truth is brought to light. What is the unarmed truth? I assure you the truth of what she has done far exceeds the unfavorable aspects of the settlement I offer.
First the judge, Commissioner Philip E. Jones, is criminally biased or wholly incompetent.(See the letter dated 11-07-05). That will be his choice and his punishment will be the public exposure of his criminally incompetent actions.
Second I will prove with the help of neighbors, teachers, school records, former employers, the roommate that was kicking her out when she instigated the conspiracy and Kristen’s school mates that she, Kristen M. Capps, was out of control. I will prove that Kristen and your client conspired to claim abuse with the intent of stealing from me my paternity, my public reputation and my assets. There was no abuse. There was never so much as a threat of abuse. That is a criminal conspiracy to defraud. I estimate the amount of the fraud in the amount $200,000, clearly a felonious amount. I will ask for criminal charges against your client and her daughter. I will get them because I can prove it when allowed a REAL court of law in lieu of a Railroad Station (Commissioner Philip E. Jones).
Thirdly as regards Patrick, I will prove that your client exaggerated Patrick’s condition to discredit me. She illegally obtained a prescription, for a course Psychiatric Drug therapy I opposed while she had me restrained by a corrupt judge and an fraudulent claim of abuse. I think that will clearly show she is not responsible enough to be trusted with the care and parental oversight of a minor child. Furthermore her parental credibility will be further brought into question via her criminal conspiracy between her and her daughter Kristen Capps to defraud me of my paternity, my liberty, and my assets. I will prove that she attempted to commit her son to a lifelong prescription of drug dependency for the financial gain via her criminal conspiracy to defraud and discredit me. I think any truly conscientious GAL will see the creditability of the claims and the proven criminal conspiracy as proof of her paternal in competency. I will have Dr. Killian’s testimony that she demanded the diagnosis and the prescription. We all know she did that without my consent, my consultation and or knowledge. The motivation for this was the Criminal fraud she perpetrated against me to discredit me in the eyes of the incompetent and uniformed Railroad Conductor (Commissioner Philip E. Jones) and the GAL, David Schaller.
Fourthly it is my intention to have David Schaller removed as Patrick’s GAL and barred from any further court sponsored GAL administration because of his criminal negligence in regard to his duties to his client, Patrick B. Jeep. He never once spoke to the prescribing physician (see the letter dated 8-1-05). If he had made any attempt to talk to a real authority in regard to Patrick’s Treatment we would not have had an issue. His in competency resulted in the denial of my rights to Paternity. But more than that, he denied Patrick, a minor under his authority, the right to his Father’s daily love and attention.
Fifth and finally I will sue her for fraud, I value the direct loss to my life and my son as:
Denial of my Parental rights for 2 years @ $50,000 $100,000.00
Fraudulent denial of my prpoerty$50,000/yr. for 2 years $100,000.00
Defamation of character $150,000.00
Half our assets at our separation $250,000.00
For a total of $600,000.00

My offer of $250,000 for the house and child support seems reasonable.
Time is of the essences, if there is anything further I can do for you in this regard, please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

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