Monday, October 6, 2003

Receipts of Purchase in Camden the Afternoon of 10/06/03

Please find the enclosed receipts for purchases made by my wife while she was in Camden and Osage Beach. She made two purchases at Wal-Mart one at 10:30:39 and one at 12:05:39. She made a purchase at Tommy Hilfiger at 1:23 PM. If you would have given us a chance we could have produced these. Also I can get my Son’s school to verify that we called to excuse him from school and that he indeed was not in attendance at all Monday 10-06-03. My wife asked off work also.

I also have record of the Cingular Problem report referenced as 221164. I am including a copy of her note pad
If there is anything you need from me in this regard, please let me know.

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