Thursday, December 18, 2003

Tim Schlesinger Motion 12-18-03

Tim Schlesinger Motion 12-18-03

Tim Schlesinger - Respondent's attorney
Paule, Camazine & Blumenthal
165 N. Meramec Avenue, Sixth Floor
St. Louis, MO   63105-3789

Phone 314-727-2266
Fax 314-727-2101

Mr. Schlesinger made several timely motions - prior to (11/13/03), during the hearing (11/20/03) and then filed this and another motion (12/5/03 and 12/19/03 (+/-)) to assert and hopefully reacquire my constitutional rights.  All his efforts and motions were ignored by the court.  


You tell me how well you would do in ANY dispute after being thrown out of your house, having your son taken away and giving up everything in the world you cared about?

We have NO rights Judges can do whatever they WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!  Due process is a LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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