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Chemical dependency is not the problem; it is the symptom!!!

Chemical dependency is not the problem;
it is the symptom!!!!

Chemical dependency is not the problem it is the symptom.  Society treats chemical use and dependency as a problem, A CRIME, not as the symptom of the disease that it is.  Society has for too long been trying to cover up, for religious reasons, the symptom of a very dangerous and debilitating disease through incarceration.  We could as easily cure cancer by putting all victims of Cancer in a prison. 
        Society at one time incarcerated people for disease.  The disease was easily communicable, leprosy.  But we found a cure for leprosy and put an end to leper colonies.  We have since established a moral principle opposed to incarceration for disease.  We can cure Chemical Dependency, the cure may not be as effective or as easy to administer as the Multidrug therapy that cures leprosy, but for the same humanitarian reasons that found the cure for leprosy we now need to focus our efforts on the cure for Chemical Dependency.
        We now incarcerate more people in prison today for drug related offenses than Stalin did for political descent at the height of his political purges.  And incarceration for political descent is NOT as morally reprehensible as incarceration for a non-communicable disease. 
We need to remove all laws from our society that persecute any individual for the disease of chemical dependency.  We need to free the victims of the disease from the enslavement of their criminal masters that exploit the symptom of their disease for their own personal profit. 
The organized crime that today supports, infects and propagates the disease of Chemical Dependency finds it’s profit by exploiting our legal system to enslave the victims of the disease, Chemical Dependency.

Mr. President, Barack Hussein Obama

As we consider budgetary issues in the ever-difficult area of public policy we need to refocus our efforts on CURING the disease of Chemical Dependency and stop wasting our efforts incarcerating people for a disease. .  We could SAVE BILLIONS of dollars eliminate the secondary ORGANIZED CRIME dependent on our criminal treatment of the disease, Chemical Dependency.

Do you have the courage to do what you know is RIGHT?[1]

A rebuttal to issues raised:
1)     To the issue of prison does “Cold Turkey” cure Chemical Dependency.
a)     A forced “Cold Turkey” cure puts the disease into a forced remission.  It does not cure the disease until and if the victim stays clean and sober without the forced “Cold Turkey” influence.  Victims of a forced “Cold Turkey” cure for chemical dependency have a recidivism rate in excess of Self-Committed treatment.  You cannot cure an addictive person until and if they want to cure themselves.  A commitment by the victim to the treatment is THE most critical element of any treatment.
2)     Alcohol/drug related accidents would only rise if laws are removed or punishments are eliminated.  A statistical analysis of Alcohol related automobile accidents; there have been 45,000 (+/- 5%) accidental automobile deaths per year for the last 20 years.  Of those 45,000 a third approximately 15,000 (+/-) have been attributed as alcohol related, 10,000 (+/-) of those being the drivers of said automobiles.  Thus we are talking about 15,000 minus 10,000, which equal 5,000 innocent victims. 
a)     How do we know alcohol was a factor 33% of the cases?  All we know is that 33% of the victims in the accidents were considered legally intoxicated.  I STRESS legally, there is no law against drinking alcohol.
b)     What caused the accidents in the other 66% of the cases?  And how come in those cases the causes could not have also been the case in the alcohol related case, e.g. a sober driver is talking on a cell phone has an accident versus a legally intoxicated driver is talking on a cell phone and has an accident. 
c)      I want to related two accidents:
1)     A local sports celebrity in St. Louis was driving home alone late at night, after the bars had closed, 2:00AM plus.  He had been drinking, it was late, it was dark he hit a parked vehicle on the side exit ramp on a dark turn, he was talking on his cell phone.  I see four possible causes for the accident other than alcohol, time of day, darkness, on a dark turn, and cell phone.  If he had lived he would have been charged with DWI and held criminally negligent.  But we will never know what caused the accident.
2)     Again in St. Louis, a long haul, 10 year veteran, stone cold sober, drug tested and certified clean, truck driver at 4:30PM on a beautiful summer’s day drives over a small interstate compliant rise runs into a line of bumper to bumper traffic.  He never hits the breaks and plows through 10 cars before coming to a stop.  He killed 8 people.  He was never charged with a crime. 
3)     Let me give you another statistic 99.99% of all accidents victims were human beings with two good eyes.  Where only 00.01% of the accident victims had one eye.  Should we poke out an eye on those other drivers 99.99%??  That is ridiculous.
d)     Conclusion: Statistics need to be interpreted without the bias of a predetermined conclusion.  I will admit that alcohol/drugs can be a factor in any alcohol/drugs related accident.  But to say they cause 33% of the accidents, I have to say NO.  You have to discount that number by at least half, and if you want to be fair and honest beyond a “reasonable doubt” you have to discount it completely and say, we do not know what caused the accidents.  They were accidents.  Unless of course you looking to repeal, the repeal of prohibition.
3)     As I am sure you are aware by now, the American Public was duped into the Iraq war by President George Bush.  The reasons for the war were the 3,000 deaths on 9/11.  To date in the, unrelated to 9/11, Iraq war there have 4,000 American Armed Force’s deaths and 100,000 Iraq’s deaths.  Remember we were duped.
4)     I ask you to now consider the possibility of power hungry bureaucrats of the early Drug Enforcement agency.  I ask you to review the History Channel Series Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way.  As an example of the propaganda, I reference “Reefer Madness.”  Where a couple of high school kids go on killing rampage presumable as asserted by the plot, the result of “Reefer Madness.”  With the narrator saying "the next tragedy may be that of your daughter's... or your son's... or yours, or yours..." before pointing straight at the camera and saying emphatically "...or YOURS!" as the words "TELL YOUR CHILDREN" appear on the screen.  It was propaganda used to dupe us into being afraid of “Reefer.”  ”Evidence of the inhalation of cannabis smoke can be found as far back as the 3rd millennium BC as indicated by charred cannabis seeds found in a ritual brazier at an ancient burial site in present day Romania. The most famous users of cannabis were the ancient Hindus of India and Nepal. The herb was called ganjika in Sanskrit (ganja in modern Indic languages).[2]”   We were duped. If cannabis, alcohol, cocaine ad other drugs were this irresistibly addictive we all would have been addicts a long time ago. 

I say again,

“Do you have the courage to do what you know is RIGHT?[3]”  Do you have the courage to act on "Obama's call to service."

Corridor of Violence: the Guatemala - Honduras Border - The International Crisis Group (ICG), 2014

[1] And while you‘re at it, I ask you to look at the Civil Rights Abuse, loose in our non-drug related Justice System as represented by the Appeal to the 8th Circuit 08-1823 and the Writ of Certiorari 07-11115
[3] And while you‘re at it, I ask you to look at the Civil Rights Abuse, loose in our non-drug related Justice System as represented by the Appeal to the 8th Circuit 08-1823 and the Writ of Certiorari 07-11115

Thanks in advance,
"Time is of the essence".

David G. Jeep
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