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The 14th Amendment is USELESS in the era of ABSOLUTE Immunity!!!!!

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Re:     Due Process is a SHAM!!!!!!!!
       The 14th Amendment is USELESS in the era of ABSOLUTE Immunity!!!!!

Dear Ms. Perry,
I was held to answer and infamous charge without any probable cause.  I enclose a copy of the petition for an ex-parte order of protection dated 11 November 2003, for verification: 

At the hearing, the would be Judge, Commissioner Jones created new pleadings out of surprise infamous testimony that contradicted the pretrial pleadings.  I quote form the trial transcript:
MR. SCHLESINGER:  I renew my objection to all the testimony about physical abuse, physical harm, and threatened harm, based on it being outside the scope of the pleadings. 
              The Court finds--First of all, the Court amends the pleadings to conform with the evidence adduced.[1]  The Court does find the allegations of the amended petition[2] to be true.  The Court does enter a full order of protection against the Respondent.  This order will supercede the ex parte order of protection entered in this cause on the 3rd day of November and serves to terminate that order. 
              The Respondent should not use, attempt to use, or threaten to use physical force against the Petitioner that would be reasonably expected to cause her bodily harm, should not stalk, abuse, threaten to abuse, molest, or disturb her peace wherever she may be found.  He also shall not communicate with her in any manner or through any means. 
              And he is also further restrained from the residence at 16325 Centerpointe Drive in Wildwood, Missouri 63040.[3] 
              This order will expire the 19th day of November, the year 2004. 
MR. SCHLESINGER:  Your Honor--
COMMISSIONER JONES:  That will conclude the hearing.
MR. SCHLESINGER:  Your Honor—“
My attorney of record (MR. SCHLESINGER) had made motions PRIOR to and DURING the hearing.  EVERYONE knew, I was being held to answer an infamous charge without any probable cause.  The pleadings did not allege any abuse.  During the Kangaroo Court Commissioner Jones “amends the pleadings to conform with the evidence adduced” and finds them to be true on the FLY during the hearing; MAKING a mockery of Due Process of law.  He TAKES EVERYTHING away from me leaves me destitute and in an emotional and psychological stupor… THAT TO THIS DAY I have still not recovered from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was a BASKET CASE.  My attorney of record files motions,[4] post hearing, for clarification of amended pleadings, asserting MY 14th Amendment right to Due Process of law on the amended pleadings.  I include the 12/5/03 motion for verification: 
He was denied!!!!!!!!!!!

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I say that again,
He was denied!!!!!!!!!!!
SEVEN YEARS later I am still asking for the specifics of the amended petition, not mention Due Process of Law as assured by the  5th and 14th Amendment.  I have been to the Supreme Court and back. I have BEEN to the FBI and back.  I have reported the crimes to the Attorney for the United States of America and back.  I have filed appeal after complaints, after motions after appeals.   WHERE is the PROTECTION of the LAW our fore fathers assured US?????????? 
The very essence of civil liberty certainly consists in the right of every individual to claim the protection of the laws whenever he receives an injury. One of the first duties of government is to afford that protection. In Great Britain, the King himself is sued in the respectful form of a petition, and he never fails to comply with the judgment of his court.”   Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. (1 Cranch) 137 (1803)
CRIMINALS acting in a conspiracy of deliberate indifference to the deprivation of RIGHTS are unencumbered by any civil or criminal liability for their CORRUPT, NEGLIGENT and MALICIOUS actions.  They ALL have immunity.
This is INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When your rights have been denied, what do you do???  Where do you go??  The State Courts were the SOURCE of the issue.  I reported a crime to the Attorney for the United States of America.  I have been to Federal Courts Jeep v. Jones et al, (4:07-cv-01116-CEJ) and Jeep v Bennett, et al, (07-0506-CV-W-SOW).  I have been to the Federal Court of Appeals (07-2614 and 08-1823) I have been to the Supreme Court (07-11115).  I have been to the FBI.  I have been to the United States Marshal Service.  I went BACK TO THE Federal Courts with the denial from the FBI (Case 4:10-CV-101-TCM).  I went BACK TO THE Federal Court appeals with the denial from the FBI (10-1947).  I went back to the Supreme Court and was IGNORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where does a person go for Due Process of Law’s 14th Amendment’s protection?????????  Do we even have Due Process of Law or is the 20+ story building on 10th Street just a ruse???
Where do you go for the
PROTECTION of the LAW??????????
I was denied DUE process of Law in TWO MISSOURI State Courts.  One Jeep v. Jeep (Case No.: 03FC-10670M) at the hands of a would be judge, of limited jurisdiction, and an alleged victim that never claimed any abuse in issue before the court, and has since confirmed under oath there was no abuse.
The Second, Missouri State Court JEEP v. State of Missouri (CR203-1336M), where the TWO arresting Police Officers both gave false testimony with the prior knowledge and oversight and confirmation of  three State’s Attorney and two State Judges[5]
I have done nothing wrong.  No one has ever credibly even accused me of wrongdoing.
I am looking at another Christmas alone and homeless!!!!!  I live on the street and in homeless shelters.  I have endured 7 years of criminal denial, 411 days of illegal incarceration[6], two psychological examinations, and three years of abject poverty, homelessness and life on the street in my struggle, Jeep v. United States of America[7].  AM I crazy because I want my son, my rights, my life liberty and property as assured by the 14th AmendmentThere is no exception to the 14th Amendment’s requirement for ANY LAW!!!
No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
If there is anything further I can do for you in this regard, please let me know.
“Time is of the essence”
Thank you in advance.

Friday, December 03, 2010
David G. Jeep
c/o The Bridge
1610 Olive Street, Saint Louis, MO 63103-2316
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David G. Jeep

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[1] This surprise finding, which over rules the petitioners own assertions is in direct conflict with Due Process of Law.  The Respondent NEVER had a chance. 
[2] There were TWO post trial motions for this “amended petition” it was never provided nor was the respondent ever allowed to be heard on this “amended petition
[3] I was thrown out of my house. I was emotionally shocked (PTSD).  I was homeless.
[4] I include copies of the December 5, 2003 motion.  There a subsequent motion filed December 19, 2003 (+/-) also.
[5] Judges can violate the Constitution and Brady!!!! Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963), says: “We now hold that the suppression by the prosecution of evidence favorable to an accused upon request violates due process where the evidence is material either to guilt or to punishment, irrespective of the good faith or bad faith of the prosecution.Page 373 U. S. 87.  Without specific PROBABLE CAUSE related to the charge of “abuse” I could not defend my self.  It was like shooting fish in barrel.  The RECORD supports this!!!!!!!!!!!!
[7] Petition for a Writ of Certiorari, Jeep v United States of America “Opposed to Immunity” currently on file in the Supreme Court clerk’s office, 8th District Court of appeals Appeal: 10-1947, U.S. Federal Court Eastern District of Missouri Case No. Case 4:10-CV-101-TCM -- State Court Case No.: 03FC-10670M, Missouri Court of Appeals Eastern District ED84021, U.S. District Court Eastern District of Missouri Jeep v. Jones et al, 4:07-cv-01116-CEJ, 8th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals 07-2614, Writ of Certiorari to the Supreme Court 07-11115 & State Court Case # CR203-1336M, Missouri Court of Appeals Southern District SD26269, U.S. District Court Western District of Missouri 07-0506-CV-W-SOW Jeep v Bennett, et al, 8th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals 08-1823 (http://dgjeep.blogspot.com/).