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The Disposable Woman, Charlie Sheen’s History Of Violence Toward Women


Op-Ed Contributor New York Times
Published: March 3, 2011
Jezebel Mar 2, 2011

I am against violence of any sort.    There are two things you have to keep in mind regarding Charlie Sheen's public image.  I do not know the man and can not comment on him personally.
First addiction is a mental affliction.  It is not like cancer in that addiction can be and HAS to be SELF-cured.  Ask any addiction counselor and the first thing they will confirm is the ADDICT has to WANT TO BE CURED and second they have to believe that they have the power to control their addition.  As long as the addict is ambivalent towards their addiction and or believes they are powerless, they remain addicted.  Addiction is not about drugs or sex or any of the common excuse society likes to use.  Addiction is a mental affliction.  You can be addicted to anything from benign as TV to self mutilation.  Addiction is an individually specific escape that the individual uses to distort they perceptions or reality. 
They do not want to deal with their lives as others/society defines them, so they bury their heads in TV, Drugs, Sex, Alcohol, self-mutilation.  You can be addicted to anything.  Once you get past the first to steps SELF-CURE steps you have to come back to the common ground, the norm of society, and RE-learn how to deal with others and society.  There are no absolutes in this world we are all just trying to figure out the best individual paths for ourselves as we go.  Everybody is struggling, whether you are on top of the heap, the bottom of the pile or the bottom of a bottle. 
Secondly, we live in the Jane Crow era; The "Jane Crow" Era, "It doesn't take a cynic to point out that when a woman is getting a divorce, what she may truly fear is not violence, but losing the house or kids. Under an exparte order of protection, if she's willing to fib to the judge and say she is "in fear" of her children's father, she will get custody and money and probably the house."
fait accompli, "A man against whom a frivolous exparte order of protection has been brought starts to lose any power in his divorce proceeding. They do start decompensating, and they do start to have emotional issues, and they do start developing post-traumatic stress disorders. They keep replaying in their minds the tape of what happened to them in court. It starts this whole vicious downward cycle. They've been embarrassed and shamed in front of their family and friends, unjustly, and they totally lose any sense of self-control and self-respect. They may indeed become verbally abusive. It's difficult for the court to see where that person was prior to the restraining order."  "The Booming Domestic Violence Industry" - Massachusetts News, 08/02/99, By John Maguire, Hitting below the belt Monday, 10/25/99 12:00 ET, By Cathy Young, Salon - Divorced men claim discrimination by state courts, 09/07/99, By Erica Noonan, Associated Press, Dads to Sue for Discrimination, 08/24/99, By Amy Sinatra,, The Federal Scheme to Destroy Father-Child Relationships, by Jake Morphonios, 02/13/08

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On a separate note, I would contend that we do not have any individual rights in this country, "Everybody, BUT the innocent victim, has "ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY"" for the deprivation of rights and To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Denial of Due Process”; but that is another story.

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