Monday, June 9, 2014

"COED Crow" in the "Jane Crow" era

You and others are missing the ALREADY PERVASIVENESS of Jane Crow discrimination with the MISANDRY in the family courts!!!
I am against violence, PERIOD.

DO NOT LET THE PENDULUM swing randomly out of control!!!!!!

Stop the WARLOCK HUNT in the Jane Crow era!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

95% of all rapes are committed by Men, but 99.957099% of Men are NOT violent nor RAPIST and NEVER WILL BE!!!

End the MISANDRY in the Family Courts systems in ALL THE WORLD!!!!

"The Cyclops syndrome: to see with only one eye, in only one dimension and only half of reality. Cyclops people stereotype the male by the actions of a minority, define the exceptions as the rule, ignore the majority, and ignore too the minority of female villains for a cleaner, clearer (supposedly) picture. Most murderers are male but most males are not murderers, and some women are. This is not rocket science. But misandry is less about reality than politics" ("Why Some People Have Issues With Men: Misandry" by Anthony Synnott, Ph.D.).

We have had Jim Crow based on the supposed uncontrollable SEXUAL aggression of black men.  We currently have the Jane Crow era based on asserted uncontrollable SEXUAL aggression of ALL Men.  Now we are proposing CoEd Crow and GI Crow based on the asserted uncontrollable SEXUAL aggression of College males and Military males. 

End the MISANDRY in the Family Courts systems in ALL THE WORLD!!!!

It is time for some STRAIGHT TALK on sex.  Men are not the problem, men have been SUCCESSFULLY doing their part for centuries quite literally since the dawn of TIME!!!  A growing world population of soon to be 7,000,000,000 undeniably proves this!  Yes there are SEXUALLY over aggressive males and FEMALES (73,998 2012 FBI Statistic), 0.021450% (twenty-one thousand four hundred fifty ten-millionths of a percent) of the American population (316,364,000) (a maximum of 0.042901% (forty-two thousand nine hundred one ten-millionths of a percent) of the male population[158,182,000], excluding females).  . Most rapist are male but MOST MALES ARE NOT RAPIST, and some women are.

But to institute a warlock hunt for the few, 0.021450% of the American population (a maximum of 0.042901% of the male American population, excluding females) at the EXPENSE of TERRORIZING the many, 99.978550% of the TOTAL American population (to a minimum of 99.957099% of the male American population, excluding females), is UNJUSTIFIED!!!!! 

CoEd Crow, GI Crow, Jane Crow and Jim Crow are ALL based on "FEAR MONGERING."  CoEd Crow, GI Crow ,Jane Crow and Jim Crow were and ARE ALL based on the conviction via the "FEAR MONGERING" of an infamous allegation rather than the Due Process of Law as SECURED by the 5th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution for the United States of America. 

We need a Supreme Court that will enforce the "equal protection of the laws" with "due process of law" for all persons, no matter what "infamous crime" they are accused of!!!!!!!!!!!

The REAL problem in the United States of America is ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY for all.  The Rule of law is at the beck and call of anyone with money or an irrational emotionally driven issue to exploit!!!!!!!!!

I sometimes feel like the waif in "The Emperor's New Clothes"


The Judicial sophistry   of "absolute immunity" has constructed "absolute power" to the ABSOLUTE CORRUPTION of We the People's unalienable rights under color of law... a "fantastic or delusional" scenario.  "As long as rulers are above the law, citizens have the same type of freedom that slaves had on days when their masters chose not to beat them."

We are SLAVES to the Black Robed, Royalist, Article III, Supreme Court's assertion of "absolute immunity for all!!!! I am not the crazy one!!!!

Thanks in advance,
To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Denial of Due Process
"Agere sequitur esse"
"Time is  of the essence"
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