Thursday, February 15, 2018

Due Process, Jane Crow

Jane Crow Discrimination = Fathers are disfavored by domestic relations law in the United States of America!

Due Process, Jane Crow - Trump is a prominent abuser of both women and Due Process!

AL Franken, Charlie Rose, Garrison Keillor do not get nor have they DEMANDed Due Process.

Due Process is the tool - the REMEDY FOR the DEFENSELESS the POOR and the victims of discrimination!!

With the birth rate down by 48% since 1960, teen pregnancy down by 65% since 1990 - single motherhood is UP by 800%.[A]  Why?   In the "Jane Crow" era "MEN ARE DISFAVORED BY AMERICAN DOMESTIC RELATION LAW."

I (DGJeep) have been impoverished by my 14 year effort, I have been homeless for over 10+ years, I have been through the Federal District and Circuit courts 12 times and to the Supreme Court of the United States 7 times. I spent 411 days in Jail, before all charges were dismissed. I have submitted TWO psychiatric exams - both confirming my SANITY and my COMPETENCY!!!! I doubt the absolutely corrupt Black Robed Royalist Judiciary could, en masse, could say the same.

"Agere sequitur esse" ('action follows being')
David G. Jeep, 
Federal Inmate #36072-044 (formerly)

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David G. Jeep

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