Monday, October 1, 2018

We need a 27 judge Supreme Court

We need a 27 judge Supreme Court

We need a 27 judge Supreme Court with 3 judges appointed every 4 years, along with any naturally occurring vacancies, by the sitting President.  This would make the court less political and more current by “watering down” the majority and limiting judges to 36 year terms. 

Judges would sit on most cases on 3 judge randomly selected cases, and select cases heard by the entire court where their decisions are not binding beyond the stated facts of the instant case unless the facts can demand a 18 of the 27 judges in concurrence.  The ROYALIST Black Robed Judiciary has been foolishly allowed to rule for toooooooooooooo long!!!

With the "Black Robed Royalist Judicial Law Makers" in hand “The South won the Civil War!!”

WE ARE SLAVES to “ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY” I am not the CRAZY one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Agere sequitur esse" ('action follows being')
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I herewith note - 8 petitions in “PURSUIT OF JUSTICE,” see Petition of Certioraris to the Supreme Court of the United States and associated District and Circuit petitions… 07-11115, 11-8211, 13-7030, 13-5193, 14-5551, 14-10088, 15-8884 and 18-5856.

Fraud Corrupts Everything It Touches—Fraus Omnia Corrumpit—Fraud Vitiates Everything It Touches

A principle according to which the discovery of fraud invalidates all aspects of a judicial decision or arbitral award.


With the birth rate down by 48% since 1960 and teen pregnancy down by 65% just since 1990 -- single motherhood is UP by 700% since 1960.  40% of all births in the United States of America were to single mothers in 2015. Why? In the "Jane Crow" era "MEN ARE DISFAVORED BY AMERICAN DOMESTIC RELATION LAW."

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