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Justice is NOWHERE to be found in America Today

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Justice is NOWHERE
to be found in
America Today

I feel I must take President Obama to task for his recent references to Justice.  I quote from his State of the Union Address, Tuesday, January 25, 2011: 
America’s moral example must always shine for all who yearn for freedom, justice, and dignity.”
And again in President Barack Obama statement to reporters about Egypt, Friday, Jan. 28, 2011:
What's needed right now are concrete steps that advance the rights of the Egyptian people, a meaningful dialogue between the government and its citizens and a path of political change that leads to a future of greater freedom and greater opportunity and justice for the Egyptian people.
Justice is NOWHERE to be found in America today.  We the People of the United State of America live under the rule of ““absolute immunity… for all persons -- governmental or otherwise -- who were integral parts of the judicial process” for the “deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws.Briscoe v. LaHue, 460 U.S. 325 (1983) @ Page 460 U. S. 335.  Thus we have no enforceable rights in America TODAY.
Despite what our Founding fathers thought, despite what the Supreme Court asserted in 1803 (Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. (1 Cranch) 137)”
The very essence of civil liberty certainly consists in the right of every individual to claim the protection of the laws whenever he receives an injury. One of the first duties of government is to afford that protection. In Great Britain, the King himself is sued in the respectful form of a petition, and he never fails to comply with the judgment of his court.”
We the People do not have enforceable rights.  We the People cannot “claim the protection of the laws.”  We live under the dictatorial rule of the Supreme Court and “all persons -- governmental or otherwise -- who were integral parts of the judicial process”
This is INSANITY.  Do we have to set ourselves on fire to get our rights?  Do we have to riot in the streets to get our RIGHTS?  Do we have to move to another country before our own President will acknowledge RIGHTS?
Where do you go in America for the protection of the laws, the essence of civil liberty, the essence of any civilization?  What do we do?

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