Friday, January 28, 2011

It is Time for a Change...

It is Time for a Change...

"We can't win the future with a government of the past."
PRESIDENT OBAMA, in his State of the Union address.

We have to remember the intrinsic joy of a job well done and pursue excellence for excellence sake.   We can not be doing it to win the war.  The only real war left will be the WAR to end all wars. 

We have a $14 trillion economy.  Every year the relative value of our GNP decreases.  Why does this happen, why is it unavoidable, why will it keep on happening, no matter what we do?  Because there are Mexicans, Chinese, Brazilian and other developing countries that are willing to work for less.  Who in the world would condemn a Mexican Citizen for taking a job for 1/10 what an American Worker makes so he can make a better life for his family.  NOBODY!!!!

American naiveté is in thinking that we can keep that job and that capitol at home by force of will.  Look at the automotive industry, at its inception Henry Ford broke all the rules and paid his workers the gargantuan sum of $5.00 a day to make a quality product that the world wanted.  He new he could never sustain his production capacity without making a product that his consumers could afford.  He created the quality product and he created the consumers by increasing the pay of his workers. 

Jump forward 50 years to the 1970s and Ford Motor Co. is fat and happy sloppily making overpriced undependable cars.  Ford lost sight of what they were suppose to be doing… making a quality product that was affordable, that people wanted.  Japan, Nissan (Datsun) and Toyota, had come along making a profit paying their people less, making a BETTER product, and shipping the product half way around the world all FOR LESS MONEY. That was the first Auto Industry BAILOUT.

Jump forward 40 more years and you have the SOUTH Koreans coming on strong guaranteeing their cars for 100,000 miles, making better cars, shipping halfway across the world, AGAIN, for less MONEY.  You have the 2008 Auto Industry Bailout.  You cannot keep the money here when there are other people willing to work harder and better elsewhere.

The only way we are going to make this work for us is to realize that we all in this together.  We have to take Henry Ford's advice and start paying people fair wages for a fair days work.  Henry Ford was rich when he gave his workers the $5.00 a day.  He did not have to; the labor movement although coming along had not struck him yet.  He knew he had to share the wealth, bring everyone up, to keep his efforts successful. 

America needs to realize that we, the world at large, are all in this together.  We need to bring everybody up.  We can't sit in our fictional City on the Hill and expect the rest of the world to sustain us.  We need stop our shooting wars and stop our thoughts of trade wars to attempt to sustain our unsustainable superiority.  Americans citizens are no better than any third world country's citizen.  We have, to this point, just had access to better meals, better schools and a better way of life.  The hill we built our city on is eroding beneath our feet.  Our hubris will not sustain us.  There is nothing we can do to stop it.  Every person in this country TODAY has a better life relatively speaking than Henry Ford had in his mansion when he gave his workers $5.00 per day. Just think of the technology we have today, from reliable heating and cooling to the Internet. 

I don't know about anybody else here, but I have first hand knowledge of Russians, Chinese, Arabs and other people from Third World DEVELOPING countries.  They ARE HUNGRY they want what we have.  They are willing to work a lot harder for a lot less just to get just a taste of what we have.  Instead of complaining, instead of DOMINATING them with our weapons of mass destruction, we need to help ourselves to continued success by helping them and paying the relative of Henry Ford's $5.00/day.

We need to develop new sustainable markets with new sustainable consumers.  We need to pay ourselves a little less, take a cut in our profits just like Henry Ford did to help create these new markets, a new WORLD economy to sustain and hopefully to raise the level of everyone's existence.  

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