Thursday, December 14, 2017

This "Jane Crow" lynching has to STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #METOO

This "Jane Crow" lynching has to STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  #METOO - #METOO - #METOO - #METOO - #METOO - #METOO - #METOO - #METOO - #METOO - #METOO - #METOO - #METOO

As regards recent revelations of HIGH PROFILE sexual harassment issue - without considered Due Process, NO one can claim to REALLY know the facts!!  Use to be you could hang a Black man in the street on the basis of an accusation of his having just LOOKED at a white woman!!  Are we now going back there?

In the current "Jane Crow" era you may not be lynching people in the street any more but the defacto effect is the same; if suicide (Kentucky lawmaker Dan Johnson fatally shot himself Wednesday), destruction of careers (Franken), legacies (Rose and Conyers), family relations (DGJeep and others), finances (DGJeep and others), and personal lives (DGJeep and others) is the RESULT - WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OF LAW!

I  (DGJeep) have been impoverished by my 14 year effort, I have been homeless for over 10+  years, I have been through the Federal District and Circuit courts 12 times and to the Supreme Court of the United States 7 times.  I spent 411 days in Jail, before all charges were dismissed.  I have submitted to - TWO psychiatric exams - both confirming my SANITY and my COMPETENCY!!!!  I doubt the absolutely corrupt Black Robed Royalist Judiciary could, en masse, say the same.  While social momentum is super-charging the Jane Crow LYNCHING right now. Lynching has been unconstitutionally tolerated, if not promoted, by the absolutely corrupt Black Robed Royalist Judiciary during the Jim Crow era, and the Juvenile Crow era.  Lynching is raising its ugly serpentine head again in the current Jane Crow era.  This is all impotently confirmed by prior Supreme Court precedent acknowledging the issue:

"(H)history has again demonstrated that unbridled discretion, however benevolently motivated, is frequently a poor substitute for principle and procedure. In 1937, Dean Pound wrote: "The powers of the Star Chamber were a trifle in comparison with those of our juvenile (Crow, Jane Crow and Jim Crow) courts...." "Under our Constitution, the condition of being a boy (, a minority or a Man)  does not justify a (lynching or) kangaroo court…." (In re Gault, 387 U.S. 1 (1967),18)." 
 David Jeep  vs.  Philip Jones, Sr.;
 David Jeep  vs.  Jack Bennett;
 David Jeep  vs.  United States;
 David Jeep  vs.  Jack Bennett;
 David Jeep  vs.  Barack Obama, President;
 David Jeep  vs.  Barack Obama;
 David Jeep  vs.  Government of the USA;
 David Jeep  vs.  The Tea Party/GOP/Republicans;
 David Jeep  vs.  Government of United States;
 David Jeep  vs.  Government of United States;
 David Jeep  vs.  Government of United States;
 David Jeep  vs.  Government of the U.S.A.;

Jane Crow, Juvenile Crow and Jim Crow  are all based on the conviction / lynching by infamous accusation without access to 4th, 5th and 14th Amendment's SECURED Justice with the equal protection of due process of law.

Again, use to be you could lynch a black man in the street for the allegation alone, that he looked at a white woman.  We invested 600,000 American lives on the Civil War battle field, untold thousands of lives during "Jim Crow" and 150 years to establish the 14th Amendment's Equal Protection of the Due Process of Law.

Purely politically speaking RIGHT NOW without DUE PROCESS OF LAW - these assertions of sexual harassment are all just feeding the monster of Trump/Russian active measures / Trump #fakenews (propaganda machine).  We need the 14th amendment to establish equal protection of due process of law.

I realize "Jane Crow" may not be the current highbrow gender issue of the moment, but it is life threatening and destroying the elemental American family structure!

This is no more a Man's problem than racism in America is a MINORITY's problem. This is society's problem and both sides have to do some give and take off of the old established veritas.

#Metoo - In defense of of 99.9999% of men that are not Harvey Weinstein

"Agere sequitur esse" ('action follows being')
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