Saturday, May 5, 2007

St. Louis County Circuit Court Division Re: The Unarmed Truth

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Joseph A. Goeke
St. Louis County Circuit Court Division
Courts Building, 2nd Floor
7900 Carondelet
Clayton MO 63105

Re: Jeep v Jeep 03FC-10670M & 03FC-12243
The unarmed truth

Dear Judge Goeke,

I am asking for your help. Commissioner’s discretion got me into this and judicial discretion can get US out.

As I am sure you know the St. Louis County Family/Civil Courts are full of biased bigoted bastards. I do not want this to be about name-calling. I am merely being guileless and factual in my descriptions. You know this, I know this, and everybody knows this, “The St. Louis County Family/Civil Courts are full of biased bigoted bastards.” Biased, because arbitrarily woman get the first right of refusal on all custody matters and marital assets. Bigoted, because they deny the rights of fathers. I want to repeat that, THEY DENY THE RIGHTS OF FATHERS arbitrarily as much or more than any racial groups were discriminated against in the past. And I say openly the Family/Civil courts must be full of bastards because it is as if the people in the courts never had, never valued or never knew their fathers.

Fathers are second, third or even fourth-class citizens in the family per the biased, bigoted bastards in the courts. A woman can be a drunk, a sex addict, or an emotional cripple and yet they have first right of refusal, by default with the biased, bigoted bastards in the courts, to be made the primary custodian and caregiver to minor children. Fathers are forced to right checks and given only limited access to their children. They are Siegenthaler-ed (every other weekend and Wednesdays nights).

I will not be swept under the rug of your apathy and bigotry. You are not over ruling a judge you are removing a rubber stamp from the cover up of the extreme bigotry and bias of a would be judge. A would be judge, a commissioner, who by job description is incapable of rendering the decision without oversight. Please read the enclosed letter I sent to commissioner jones. If you do not intervene, I will see you criminally charged for dereliction of duty. I will see you serve time for your crimes of theft, conspiracy, apathy and incompetence and I will sue you for one hundred twenty three million three hundred forty five thousand seven hundred eighty nine dollars and thirty-two cents …………………………………………………….……… $123,345,789.32.

You are about to run into the most powerful and respected force in a Free Society, an innocent man. Before this issue was taken up by the courts, I had been the primary care giver for my son. I fixed him breakfast, lunch and dinner, I took him to school every day. I went to all his school events. I was there for him when he got home from school. We went to the pool virtually every day we did not go to Six Flags during the summer. Yet he was ripped from my arms because by default the biased bigoted bastards of the St. Louis County Family/Civil Courts gave custody to my ex-wife. Of course, I could not even put a roof over my head or his. I had been thrown out into the street by the fraudulently asserted and incompetently adjudicated order of protection. I had everything I owned stolen from me by a fraudulent claim and the biased bigoted bastards of the St. Louis County Family/Civil Courts. I no longer had a home. I no longer owned anything. I was on the whim of a would be judge penniless and without any realistic options.

If I had only had due process and a fair minded judge to start with. The original ex-parte order of protection should never have been signed nor ordered. Nothing in it made a case for abuse. My ex-stepdaughter supported her claim of abuse, because she had nearly flunked out of high school and had failed four consecutive semesters in college and was partying every night till 3:00am, she was warned, after 3 semesters of failure, and then asked to move out on her own after the fourth, by her Grandmother, her Uncles, her Aunts, her Mother and her Stepfather. But her mother instead enlisted her in a criminal conspiracy to feign fear to defraud me of my rights to our son, our house and our life’s savings. That is not good parenting. That was child abuse, if anything, to engage your children in your criminal conspiracy to defraud.

My ex-wife testified on the stand during the divorce proceedings and the abuse hearing that I had never abused her verbally, she testified that I never hit or threatened to hit her. She testified that I never demanded sex or deviant sex. But the thief in black robes, the biased, bigoted bastard, Commissioner Jones could not have his perception his protection order proven unwarranted. I was declared a wife abuser, a child abuser and sexual deviant in the final divorce decree.

My ex-wife was awarded what she wanted our house, unfettered custody of our son, the bulk of our family savings and a monthly support check of nearly $800/month to do with as she pleases. And she proved the easiest way to get that is to point your finger and say, “abuser,” and the biased bigoted bastards will come to your aid that is if you are female. There is no need for proof or corroboration in the St. Louis County Family/Civil Courts with the biased bigoted bastards. The whole system is designed to protect woman at the expense of the rights of fathers.

Now I am asking for your help here. As an officer of the court you are obligated to report criminal activity. I want you to ask a few questions. You will easily discover that I am the victim here. And then, I want you to request a warrant for the arrest of James J. Robinson the attorney, my ex-wife Sharon Jeep and my ex-stepdaughter Kristen Capps for fraud. And then based on that, I would ask that you grant me custody of my son. Further I would ask that you issue a stay for all previous orders issued in the divorce, orders of protection, property settlements and custody orders.

I did nothing wrong. Yet I had everything stolen from me by an ex-spouse who presented a fraudulent petition upheld and enforced by an incompetent Commissioner who was clearly a biased bigoted bastard. You have the legal obligation and the authority to issue and or request an indictment for fraud based on the clear issue of fraud and sexual bias and bigotry. This will minimize but it will not correct the criminal acts of fraud by the petitioner and of your subordinate, commissioner jones. I request a speedy trail and a hearing on the issues with a new judge. I have already suffered under this fraud for more 3 years and 6 months.

If you do not help, I am going to pursue criminal charges for negligence and sue you in court for damages. And yes per the 1983 Civil Rights Act it is criminal and you have civil liabilities for the denial of my constitutional rights. You are the overseers of commissioner jones’s. He used your authority to corrupt the system, you as a group of negligent biased bigoted bastards rubber-stamped his orders, and under your authority, he enforced them. You as elected officials, you work for the electorate. Commissioner Jones as your subordinate, your appointee, and your employee he works for you. So I am going to ask for criminal charges of negligence for you and sue you the circuit court judges and the associate circuit court judges in St. Louis County, because he is acting with your rubber stamp and under the authority of your good name (lol). I am the most powerful and respected force in a Free Society, an innocent man. And I have the will, the voice and the ability to expose you for the corrupt incompetent you are. You have stolen from me, my rights to paternity, liberty, property, and due process. You have willfully and without regard to the evidence or proof stolen from me my son, my property and my liberty.

Time is of the essence. If there is anything further, I can do for you in this regard, please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

David G. Jeep

enclosure, letter dated 4/30/07 to Jones

cc: Philip E. Jones, Sr.
The St. Louis Post Dispatch
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