Thursday, January 31, 2008

4:07-cv-0506-W-SOW A motion for an Interlocutory Summary Judgment per the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures Rule 56 (d) (2) Establishing Liability

David G. Jeep, Plaintiff, vs.Mr. Jack A. Bennett, Associate Circuit Judge, Mr. Devin M. Ledom, Asst. Prosecuting Attorney, Mr. Alex Little, Officer Badge #920, Mr. Tim Taylor Officer Badge #913, Mr. W. Steven Rives, Prosecuting Attorney, Mr. W. James Icenogle, Prosecuting Attorney, and Mr. Bruce Colyer, Associate Circuit Judge, Jay Nixon Attorney General, State of Missouri, Camden County, City of Osage Beach, Defendants ))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Case No. 4:07-cv-0506-W-SOW (To be assigned by Clerkof District Court)

A motion for an Interlocutory Summary Judgment per the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures Rule 56 (d) (2) Establishing Liability

1. The Plaintiff apologizes and is aware that his many motions prey upon the court’s patience. The Plaintiff prays that the court is aware of just how much has been taken from the plaintiff as a direct result of this denial of constitutional rights as addressed in this complaint, again with inclement weather pending the plaintiff is looking at life on the street, having been forced from his home, his personal safety, his paternity, his once settled life as a result of this issue. He is impoverished and unable to work or even credibly look for work in his profession of 30 years.
2. The plaintiff has presented numerous affidavits/motions stating the issues and submitted numerous pieces of evidence in support of the cause of action. The Plaintiff makes special note of Document 83, Dated December 20, 2007, “A Motion for a Summary Judgment,” that has yet to be ruled on.
3. The Defendants have offered up their royal bloodline, their claim of immunity, as their only defense.
4. The Plaintiff states that absolute immunity as defendants, Taylor, Little and the City of Osage Beach, are asserting, even though they refer to it as limited immunity, it is incompatible with the fundamentals of a government of the people, by the people and for the people, NO ONE can or should be above the law. The basis of our system of constitutional and common law beliefs is that all persons are created equal and that all persons retain the equal protection of the law and that all persons are equally beholding to the law. Equality is absolute and without reserve in the eyes of our constitutional system of laws and government.
5. If we allow the police to fabricate evidence out of false testimony none of us is safe in our beds. Lies are too cheap and easy when there are no consequences for perjury and incompetence.
6. The Plaintiff asks for an Interlocutory Summary Judgment per Federal Rules of Civil Procedures Rule 56 (d) (2) Establishing Liability in advance of the court ordered settlement conference for the first 10 days of February 2008.
I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.
Signed this Thursday, January 31, 2008
Signature of Plaintiff(s)

_________________________________________ David G. Jeep
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