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The Current Issue with Public Service Worker Unions

The Current Issue with Public Service Worker Unions
"I think we are looking at the future of the labor movement being defined in rotundas in several states."
HARLEY SHAIKEN, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley.

The Current Issue with Public Service Worker Unions is not a Union Problem it is Management's Problem.  Unions in our liberty based, FREE ENTERPRISE economic system are supposed to represent their members and get for their members the BEST DEAL possible.  To now say they got too good of a deal is not their problem.  The problem is that the Politicians that let the deals were not culpable for their BAD management, i.e., beyond being ousted from office.  If the system is to work government officials need to utilize the information and the authority of their OFFICE and they need to be held accountable to the best of their ability and our information.  They need to be able negotiate just like any BUSINESS based on the government's ability to pay.  A Mayor, a County Commissioner, a Governor that signs and or negotiates a labor agreement with his constituent employees needs to be held criminally culpable for the bad deal, as audited by the Government Auditors.  If they "buy" votes by letting sweetheart deals to the constituent it is every bit as criminal as letting construction contracts to their cronies for monetary gain.  We need to utilize government services Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (or PBGC) to assure that the commitments made are being kept.
"We the People" are to some degree responsible.  But if there is not enough money and "We the People" refuse to cover the expense with new taxes.  "We the People" need to allow our States, Counties and Municipalities to go BANKRUPT, just like GM, Chrysler and our bad banks.  That gets us out of the current dilemma.
If a Public Service Worker Union wants more money, there has to be more money in the public trough to pay for it.  If there is no money in the till, "We the People" within reason can not be asked to raise taxes to put it there.  If we are going to have cost of living raises on government salaries, we need to have cost of living raises on all our taxes ALSO.
The G.O.P. made a big deal out of reading the constitution at the start of this legislature session.  John Boehner, the Majority Leader, made a big deal out of a rule that all new federal legislation in the House of Representatives was going to require a Constitutional reference authorizing its enactment.  That sounds reasonable, if not completely necessary; virtually anything can be explained by it being "Reasonable and Customary" for the "General Welfare."
If the G.O.P.'s House Speaker John Boehner wants to truly live up to his party's conservative, fiscally responsible mantra, a better rule would be to require all new federal legislation to be accompanied by funding and not just crossing ones fingers and hoping for the best. 

On a separate note, I would contend that we do not have any individual rights in this country, "Everybody, BUT the innocent victim, has "ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY"" for the deprivation of rights; but that is another story.

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