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Subject: The Modesty Manifesto, Op-Ed Columnist, By DAVID BROOKS Published: March 10, 2011 New York Times 

Re: The Modesty Manifesto

"Perhaps the enlargement of the self has also attenuated the links between the generations. Every generation has an incentive to push costs of current spending onto future generations. But no generation has done it as freely as this one. "

Didn't we have a balanced budget under Clinton???  Given two wars, a banking crisis the result of 30 years of REPUBLICAN banking deregulation I take issue that Baby Boomers as a GENERATION "push costs of current spending onto future generations."

That being said, I would also contend that once we get a hold on GROWTH again, we can and will grow ourselves out of the current budget issues.   I am a realist not an American Exceptionalist.  The low hanging fruit is all GONE.  We will have to compete in the world market.

It was not the City on the Hill that made the USof A DOMINANT  in years gone by, it WAS THE HILL. 

I am not a pessimist either  , I am realist, we will take our place in the world and succeed but not DOMINATE as we have in the past.   Switzerland succeeds and maintains THE highest standard of living, but they never DOMINATED. 


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